Interim Management

A company in crisis needs more from its financial executive than the usual backward looking, stale data.

If you’ve drained your cash reserves, your creditors are calling, you aren’t sure how to make payroll, or you’re relying on landing a new customer to keep your business going, you need a forward-looking CFO.

Greenridge Financial can provide you with the top talent need to get your business stabilized and running smoothly.

“Elisa is a complete professional providing great analysis, practical approaches to problems and is a highly competent witness when called upon to testify.”Thomas J. Raftery, Esq., Chatham, MA

Our Services

  • Business plan and cash flows
    • Business Plan analysis
    • Cash flow analysis
    • 13-week cash flow projections
  • Communications
    • Negotiating with creditors
    • Communication with employees
    • Presentations to CEOs, banks, and boards of directors
  • Post Emergence
    • Investigate preferences and fraudulent conveyances
    • Help with hiring a full-time CFO
    • Exit Strategies